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Womb Wisdom from an Elder

Greetings, Htp Family!

In our communal ceremonies it is always a blessing when an elder sits and shares wisdom. Especially womb wisdom. Recently, in the Sacred inipi (our traditional sweatlodge), an elder woman shared some womb wisdom that was a reminder for me but I feel is important for me to share with those who may have never heard this.

Our womb blood is sacred. We must cherish our time that we cycle with the moon. Our blood is powerful and can restore balance and harmony on the Earth. Our brothers do not have to keep shedding blood on this land in violence. The Earth needs the balance of our feminine blood. Blood that has no violent energy connected to it. A wombmyn’s blood sacrifice requires no harm to anyone. We can simply go in our backyards and release what is already being released anyway. When we cycle, we need to squeeze our pads and tampons or pour from our menstrual cups into the soil to return our womb blood to Mother Earth. As you offer your blood, you can pray for the senseless killing of our men to cease, you can pray for the fertility of the land, you can pray for the restoration of peace on Earth. After your prayers, you can petition for anything you desire. Our blood is sacred, worthy, and magical. And we get the opportunity every month to perform this sacred ritual.

I will add to this womb wisdom message by encouraging all women (especially during the time of bleeding) to place your hands on your womb. To connect your breath to your womb and hum or sing loving vibrations to your womb. I encourage you to speak positive affirmations and words of gratitude as you hold a downward triangle over your womb. A daily meditation like this along with a large pot of herbal tea (such as raspberry leaf, hibiscus, nettle, dong quai, and ginger), obsidian stone and the blood offering can make our cycles a relaxing and rejuvenating time that we actually look forward to.

I am looking forward to the days we return to the ways of the moon lodge. A space in time where wombmyn gather to bleed together, to dance, to cry, to nourish, nurture, and celebrate one another and the gift of womanhood. Inspired by the womb work and womb wisdom that has been present, I am working on creating sacred spaces for our young girls who are transitioning into moon cycles so that we can communally support them as we all wish we could of had for ourselves. It is time to end the reality where young women are ashamed of their menses. It is time to end the reality where women are not taught the divinity of their feminine energy and the sacredness of their womb portals. We are in the paradigm shift of women owning their power at a young age in grace, harmony and respect of the divine masculine. We are in the rise of the Goddess.

Ankh Udja Seneb