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Prepare for Your Blessings

Love and light,  Today I want to talk about preparation. Sometimes we get a feeling about some aspect of life but we don't know what to do about it. We meditate on it but the answer is still unclear. This is not a time to be confused or worried, this is a time for faith and preparation! For example, my heart has been calling me to move out of Atlanta for some time now. I'm not exactly sure where I'm going to go or what I'm going to do but my spirit says that it is time for new horizons. Therefore, I am preparing my life to be able to move. When the time is right I trust that the Creator will reveal opportunities for me. All I must do is be prepared so that when the time comes I can act without hesitation. It's like knowing you want to travel abroad and you may not know when, where or how but if you take that first step of getting a passport, then when the perfect opportunity presents itself you will be ready to take it! Because you did your work the Universe will align all that is necessary to bring your goals to fruition! As co-creators of our reality it is important to plan our lives but also to know that the Divine is aware of our desires and that we will not always attain our goals the way we planned. Many times God will have a plan for us bigger than what we can see or comprehend. Even when it seems as if we have failed, there's always an opportunity to learn and grow consequently achieving more than we initially set out to achieve. It's all about trusting God's plan, having faith in the Creator as Source, and moving with confidence in our actions towards our goals. It is also important to be able to surrender to the flow, knowing at any moment everything can be flipped over to create a new challenge or opportunity. Being grateful for it all allows you to be in that flow with grace just as being prepared will allow you to make the most of every moment that flows to you. I've heard that luck is when opportunity meets preparation; so do your part and allow God to do the rest!