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Healing through Frequencies and Tones

Oneness, Love and Light Great People,       I'm going to get right to it, the foods we eat are not the only factors that affect our state of health. A major programmer of our minds is the music we listen to. Are you becoming muSICk? A lot of what's on the radio disturbs my spirit and I know I'm not the only one who feels this. There are so many songs defiling love, disrespecting our people, and degenerating our culture. I have heard demonic messages and wicked propaganda on the Top 40. For example, the news has brought to light the alarming amounts of overdoses on pills that have been occurring; meanwhile there are songs like "Mask Off" that promote these dangerous pills, playing on public radio all day long. We have to take this seriously as it truly does affect our mental states.       Sound is vibrations that permeate the body and soul which is why we feel music. We can not be ignorant and think that what we consistently feed our mind and soul does not program us. This is why the only sounds I listen to are Jazz, International, Inspirational and Spiritual. Most international songs are about love or are simply positive; from Afrobeats to Reggae, Bossa Nova to Salsa. Tones are for healing and should bring you peace and joy. Most are naive in the sense that they are unaware of the curses placed in lots of American music. It should not be taken lightly ESPECIALLY in the presence of children. A child's subconscious mind picks up everything. In fact, yesterday I discovered a song called Funga (Funga Alafia Ase Ase) and I already knew the words. I recognized this song from my childhood and that is not the first time this has happened. A few years ago I remember an old Bob Marley song played and when the chorus came I knew the words "rock to the rock, sock it to the sock". In that moment I could only be grateful to the fact that my parents were cognizant of the songs they listened to around us. Believe it or not, to this day I have a special feeling everytime I hear "Kiss of Life" (and almost every Sade song) and as my Mom will tell it, she listened to so much Sade during her pregnancy with me that she almost named me after her! We are affected by sound before we are even born.       On my journey, the song "Bliss" by Yogini has been an Aumazing example of what tones should do to your spirit- since I have been listening to it I have found an inner peace that has brought patience and calmness into my mind. "Bliss", some Gospel songs and a few Orisha chants have become the soundtrack to my life that keeps me balanced regardless of my situation. That being said, to truly heal holistically we must consider everything we feed our mind, body and spirit to achieve optimal health and wellness. P.S. If you listen to Lil Uzi Vert (Lucifer) PLEASE STOP 😩 Treat your Spirit to sound bowls and sage immediately 🕉 

Stay Blessed,

Elissia Marche 

Atlanta, GA, USA

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