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Greetings Great People! Let's get this blog started 😁 My purpose in blogging is to share the side of me that is not so publicized - my spiritual lifestyle. I am a highly spiritual being who believes in Universal Truth. I agree that there is truth in all religions yet all have been manipulated by man for control and other egotistic needs. I believe that the spiritual philosophies around the world along with the 12 Universal Laws and 7 Hermetic Principles are all peaces of a great puzzle. When all the peaces come together in oneness and unity, you have Universal Truth. People have asked me how did I get this way or how did I start my journey. Now I could explain that my parents brought multiple influences into my life - the Shrine of the Black Madonna, the Nation of Islam, Rastafarianism, the A.M.E. and non-denominational Christian churches, and Buddhism. So the spirit has always been a part of my life but it wasn't until I was 19 that I started transforming into the woman I am today. It was in 2013 that I started receiving messages pushing me towards the unseen forces. That year I moved to Atlanta from Montgomery (transferring from Alabama State University to Georgia State University). I remember feeling so lost and lonely- I was filled with fear. Fear-led moves landed me in a situation where I was taken advantage of sexually. That was the day I broke. My spirit broke, I remember screaming at God, crying for hours and being ready to die, and I did. On the third day, I was resurrected. I'll never forget, it was July 28, 2013 when I dedicated my life to spirit and I haven't been the same since. This isn't to say I haven't strayed from the path because I've wandered off several times however those moments were all lessons learned on this journey of Ascension. I started as a baby because I realized I knew nothing. Most of what we were taught isn't true. Most of what we think we know isn't even real! As the saying goes- when the student is ready the teacher will appear. I sought answers and they came to me in all different forms of messengers. I did lots of research and even changed my major from accounting to Africana studies. I studied the ways of Rastas, Buddhists, Muslims, and Nuwapians. I learned about the Kemetic Yoga and sciences and the Laws of Ma'at. I learned about Vodoun, Ifa and all religions of the Orishas. But the most important thing was strengthening my direct connection to the Creator and my Higher Self. To do this I first had to CHANGE WHAT I INGESTED 🔑🗝🔐 Being mindful of what we ingest is key in spiritual, physical and mental elevation. When I changed the foods I ate, I changed the medicines I took, the music I listened to, what I watched and the skin and hair products I used. I aimed to be as organic as possible. The cleaner my body became, the cleaner my mind, spirit, heart and life became! In my next post I will share exactly how I transitioned to a Ital (vegan) lifestyle and I will testify the results. Moving forward, my blog posts will consist of Ital advice including vegan ideas, herbs, stones and products I use, as well as encouragement and motivation based on my life experiences. I seek to share my life to assist people in their spiritual journeys. Subscribe to stay tuned in! 

Aspire to Inspire 💗 Blessings, Elissia Marche 

Atlanta, GA, USA

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