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Wealth and wellness great people! As promised in my last post, I want to share how I transitioned to vegan eating habits. I would not call the way I eat a DIEt because the foods I eat promote life. Growing up, I had an eating disorder. I would go on diets all the time in fear of becoming overweight like other family members. I would even binge eat and then purge my food. It took me a long time to be okay with my body. By time I went to college, I wanted to be "thick" and I got all the way up to a size 11 pants (I am currently a size 2). I was not healthy. My diet consisted mostly of bread, chicken and cookies. My focus shifted from losing weight to gaining health. In the same year that I awoke from a state of sleep, 2013, I transitioned to healthier eating habits. I started by becoming conscious of what I was actually consuming. I read the ingredients on the foods I ate. If you don't know what an ingredient is, look it up! Do your own research. When you realize how many chemicals you consume hopefully you will choose to remove them from your body. I stopped eating anything with high fructose corn syrup, genetically modified ingredients, or artificial colors and flavors. Did you know that many ingredients in our American foods are banned in most countries? FDA regulations mean nothing. By allowing so many cancerous ingredients in the American diet, the health care industry continues to thrive. Next, do your research on the meat and dairy industry. The amount of parasitic worms people consume and mucus people develop largely comes from meat and dairy. Not only do you intake all the garbage that was fed to the animals you are eating, when you eat animal flesh you are taking in energy as well. The fear and pain that these animals experience in their last moments of life is released through pus. Meat eaters then eat that pus creating mucus in the body which is the foundation for all disease. Also, you take on a carnivorous spirit of viciousness. Meat lowers your vibrations to an animalistic state and feeds your fear of being prey. In reality, our bodies are not designed to eat meat. Think about it. In the wild, carnivores eat raw meat and then they let it digest for days not eating anything else. Our teeth and intestines are designed to digest living fruits and veggies. I know that cutting the foods that your family has ate for the past few generations is not an easy task but neither is dealing with diabetes, cancer, or other diseases. Do your best each day by cutting out harmful foods a little at a time. Observe your will power growing and your taste buds changing as you go through this process. Fortunately, I grew up not eating red meat so I know in that respect it will take more time for some than others. For me, I cut my favorite meat first- shrimp, the cockroach of the sea. Then I cut egg yolks, then turkey, then chicken all together. I had to take steps. I had to be patient with myself. The hardest thing to relinquish for me was probably milk products. For 8 or 9 months I was a complete vegan. I had to try new fruits and vegetables and I got to a point where the majority of the foods that I was consuming were considered "superfoods". I never got sick during this time, my moon was much more tolerable and I had energy to work out regularly. But we all fall from glory every once in a while. I had a hard time staying away from sweets due to the fact that I was eating so many vegan deserts. I was a sugar addict and that brought me down in my health consciousness. I went back to eating foods that contained milk and eggs and cheese. I was also eating fish periodically. I realized after getting sick for a long period of time that all those animal products were causing mucus to build up inside of me. The sickness was my body communicating to me that I had to let these foods go. After returning to being a full vegan, I still did not have the greatest health or fullest energy and I wondered why. In all honesty, to be at optimal health, one must know that it is not just animal products that cause issues in the body. Processed foods, soy, gluten, breads, starches and added sugars were weighing me down and draining my energy. Always remember achieving optimal health is not an overnight journey. It was not until last month, 4 years into my vegetarian journey that I have let go of these other unhealthy foods. In fact, as of July 1, 2017, I have maintained a raw lifestyle. I feel today as I did when I first went vegan. I have more energy, I feel stronger, and my moon this month was the best it's ever been. I feel my body healing as I only put living foods in my body. My advice to anyone seeking to better their eating habits is- to be cognizant of what you are eating and how it makes you feel, listen to your body, be patient with yourself, do your own research, and do your best each day. It is a growing process during which you will gain will power, self discipline, and a greater appreciation for your body temple. Eating lighter foods cleans the body and likewise cleans the mind and spirit. You will feel so much more connected to the Universe and be inclined to be more natural in other ways as well. I will continue to give testimonies and advice to assist those who are ready to make positive change within their life. Your health is your wealth and life can not prosper by feeding on death. Stay blessed, prosperous, and in good health! For any questions, email me at

Greetings Great People! Let's get this blog started 😁 My purpose in blogging is to share the side of me that is not so publicized - my spiritual lifestyle. I am a highly spiritual being who believes in Universal Truth. I agree that there is truth in all religions yet all have been manipulated by man for control and other egotistic needs. I believe that the spiritual philosophies around the world along with the 12 Universal Laws and 7 Hermetic Principles are all peaces of a great puzzle. When all the peaces come together in oneness and unity, you have Universal Truth. People have asked me how did I get this way or how did I start my journey. Now I could explain that my parents brought multiple influences into my life - the Shrine of the Black Madonna, the Nation of Islam, Rastafarianism, the A.M.E. and non-denominational Christian churches, and Buddhism. So the spirit has always been a part of my life but it wasn't until I was 19 that I started transforming into the woman I am today. It was in 2013 that I started receiving messages pushing me towards the unseen forces. That year I moved to Atlanta from Montgomery (transferring from Alabama State University to Georgia State University). I remember feeling so lost and lonely- I was filled with fear. Fear-led moves landed me in a situation where I was taken advantage of sexually. That was the day I broke. My spirit broke, I remember screaming at God, crying for hours and being ready to die, and I did. On the third day, I was resurrected. I'll never forget, it was July 28, 2013 when I dedicated my life to spirit and I haven't been the same since. This isn't to say I haven't strayed from the path because I've wandered off several times however those moments were all lessons learned on this journey of Ascension. I started as a baby because I realized I knew nothing. Most of what we were taught isn't true. Most of what we think we know isn't even real! As the saying goes- when the student is ready the teacher will appear. I sought answers and they came to me in all different forms of messengers. I did lots of research and even changed my major from accounting to Africana studies. I studied the ways of Rastas, Buddhists, Muslims, and Nuwapians. I learned about the Kemetic Yoga and sciences and the Laws of Ma'at. I learned about Vodoun, Ifa and all religions of the Orishas. But the most important thing was strengthening my direct connection to the Creator and my Higher Self. To do this I first had to CHANGE WHAT I INGESTED 🔑🗝🔐 Being mindful of what we ingest is key in spiritual, physical and mental elevation. When I changed the foods I ate, I changed the medicines I took, the music I listened to, what I watched and the skin and hair products I used. I aimed to be as organic as possible. The cleaner my body became, the cleaner my mind, spirit, heart and life became! In my next post I will share exactly how I transitioned to a Ital (vegan) lifestyle and I will testify the results. Moving forward, my blog posts will consist of Ital advice including vegan ideas, herbs, stones and products I use, as well as encouragement and motivation based on my life experiences. I seek to share my life to assist people in their spiritual journeys. Subscribe to stay tuned in! 

Aspire to Inspire 💗 Blessings, Elissia Marche 

Atlanta, GA, USA

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