Elissia Marche

My Story

Htp! I am a student of the cosmos on the life path 33 and my heart has been in holistic wellness for many years. The naturopathic lifestyle was passed on to me by my great-grandmother Lula Mae and my grandfather Howard through my mother. As soon as I experienced my first menstrual cramps I started learning about herbal teas. I became more interested in studying herbs as family members encountered different ailments. In 2013, when I decided to go plant-based, I switched my hair & skin products, my eating habits, the music I listened to, and many other aspects of my life. Through this physical cleansing, my spirit became lighter and I realized I was suppressing traumas that were causing me anxiety and emotional instability. I spent 5 years working on myself; developing a deep connection with self, nature, spirit, and the culture of my ancestors. Journaling, yoga, numerology, travel and dream work have been major tools for meditation for me through this journey.

     As a result of my work, I transformed my life. At the start of June 2018, I accepted the calling to be a medicine woman and started an apprenticeship with Onanya Yawasoe ShuriOshinipa. Since, I have served sacred plants to hundreds of beautiful souls. Along the journey, many have requested my teas, sprays, baths, salves, readings, songs, knowledge and guidance. As a result, I have gone deeper into study to be able to better serve my community. A year into my service I adopted a new teacher, Rekhit Kajara Nebthet. Her system of Kemetic Reiki, Ra Sekhi, elevated my energy work to a new height. This sacred art fascinates me in how we can channel energy from the universe and concentrate it to induce physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

     I started my wellness business, Holistic Loving, as a movement therapy service with the intentions to use my 20 years of dance experience to empower women. Dance and yoga have been major gifts in my life to relieve stress, aches, pains, stagnant energy and creative blocks. As an embodiment of the divine feminine, dance has taught me a lot about flow, sensuality, grace, magnetism, confidence, and freedom of expression. I am now open to sharing this service with all genders and publicly providing my other services to promote holistic wellness. My super power is love and it is through love that I am able to hold space for others. It is through loving all of me, the light and the dark, that I am able to love my reflections; people of all walks, animals, and the elements of nature and in turn be a conduit of energy to assist others on their healing journeys.

  • Plant Medicine Ceremonies

  • Ra Sekhi Healing

  • Life Guidance

  • Energy Cleansing

  • Wombyn's Circles & Retreats

Wellness Services